d60 Resources

d60 Tips and Tricks

A broad list of d60 uses and ideas


d60 Creatures

Creatures that use a d60. These tend to be pretty powerful, so it may be a good place to find your next big bad evil guy!


d60 Conversion Tables

Our d60 conversion tables let you use your d60 instead of other dice. This even includes the d100! With these tables you could play a typical TTRPG with nothing but a d60. Neat! :D


d60 Quick Tables

Our d60 Quick Tables enable you to use a d60 to roll a result mathematically equivalent to a specific dice roll, such as 8d4. It is usually faster and easier than using traditional dice, especially for more complex dice rolls. Most of the time you will only have to roll the d60 once to get the outcome. 


d60 Items

Items of great power that use a d60


d60 Tables

Loot tables and other awesome miscellaneous d60 tables


d60 Puzzles

Mind-bending d60-based traps and puzzles


d60 Spindown Ideas

The d60 spindown is more than just a life tracker! Here are some handy and dramatic ways to use a d60.



More Coming Soon!

We are currently collecting and creating countless additions the the above categories. Stay tuned and feel free to tell us your ideas and suggestions!

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