d60 Tips and Tricks

What's a d60 for? Here's a list of neat ways to use your d60!


Determine how long a party has, in seconds, to plan before an encounter or ambush (u/popemichael via reddit)
Rolling a total damage amount for a group of units, or rolling results for a catastrophic spell that needs devastating wide spread. (u/Sapling666 via reddit)
Use a d60 to spice up your favorite game! It's easy and fun to create your own d60 variant. Play Settlers of Catan where sometimes you can collect double or even triple resources depending on the roll. Make a faster version of Monopoly by swapping out the dice for a d60, perhaps also have a 60 grant you a $1000 cash windfall and a 1 land you in jail. Have a bonus shot each turn in Battleship that is randomly determined by the d60. The possibilities are truly endless... we might have fun with this and make a separate section entirely of d60 game variants! (Flying Horseduck)
Using a d60 and a 60 card Magic: The Gathering deck to design an adventure: Use a d60 to find a random collection of cards from the deck to use as a design guide to craft adventures for D&D. Take your favorite magic decks, roll the d60 5-7 times to find out which cards are selected, and make an adventure using each card as your inspiration. (ShinyTentacruel via Youtube, paraphrased) 
Any sort of weapon/attack/armor that generates a random number of items, like imagine a staff that could shoot up to 60 “minor magic missiles” (@WitchwayGames via Twitter)
1d60+10 = how old your human PC is  (@jaydenbtinianov via Instagram)
A campaign where the BBEG has killed such a large percentage of the population that the entire party turns to necromancy to stand a chance and act like managers of a sports team. They often wait for the enemies to kill monsters and immediately raise them as an undead creature. The d60 would be great for determining the HP of big zombies and number of minion zombies too (@TheopoldE via Twitter)
Use the D60 when rolling for a high level NPC/Monster Health or from a Chart for a random Encounter. (@MassHysteria214 via Twitter)
House rule for Starfinder! Critical afterburn: expend 2 points of resolve, on critical hit roll d60 instead of d20 To confirm crit, damage is enhanced by X1 for every 10 past initial 20 needed (@nuker19 via Twitter)
Roll to see how many minions the BBEG has (@jaydenbtinianov via Instagram)
Similar to Elder Scroll's Wabbajack, use the D60 for a random Transmutation of an object/person.  (@MassHysteria214 via Twitter)
Don't worry, we have lots more coming soon! Check back to see what we have added. 
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