• More Sides. Same Odds.

    D20  D12  D10  D00  D8  D6  D4

    Sixty-sided versions of the standard RPG dice so you can use them in every game!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you are not happy, we are not happy.

    If you aren't satisfied for any reason within 30 days of delivery just send back your order for a full refund.

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Our dice are precision milled from solid 6061 aluminum using a huge 5-axis CNC.

    The most accurate dice in the world are always machined. We couldn't settle for less.

  • Easy to Tell Apart

    We put all the high values in a bright hexagon. There are many per die and we spaced them so at least one is visible from any angle.

    You can easily see which die is which, even at a quick glance! We play-tested it extensively and found that it works great.

  • Dice Home Included

    All of our dice include an elegant case with a high density foam interior that has a snug niche for each die. The case included with the individual die has room for a single die and the set case fits all seven.

    No rattling here! All your pretty new dice will be cozy and comfy.

  • International Delivery

    Wherever you are, we ship to you!

    The thought of players all over the world using our dice makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Hard Anodized

    We spared no expense to make our dice durable enough to withstand years of play.

    Type III anodizing is the strongest there is, creating a surface hardness that can surpass even that of tool steel.

  • Mathematically Balanced

    We spent about 100 hours to determine our numbering layouts to make a fair and numerically elegant die.

    TLDR: we spread the numbers out so you'll never find clumps of high or low values. It is actually much more complicated.

  • Patents Pending

    Our innovative designs are covered by multiple pending patents.

    We are doing everything we can to make dice even more awesome!

  • Our Sixty D20 weighs in at 0.17 lbs of solid aircraft grade aluminum.  This large D20 is the ultimate in fairness and precision
  • At about 1.5" in diameter these are some of the biggest precision metal RPG dice you can find!
  • Our set of big, metal, 60-sided versions of all the RPG dice you know and love.  Giant dice you can play with in every tabletop RPG!


How does the D8 work?

The D8 was tricky since 60 is not divisible by 8. However, by labeling 4 faces with a symbol to re-roll we effectively created a 56 sided die where each number appears 7 times resulting in the correct probabilities of a D8. 93.33% of the time you get your result on the first roll.

All these dice are the same shape... how can I easily tell them apart?

Just look for the values inside a hexagon to identify each die at a glance. 

Give me the specs!

Each die is roughly the size of a golf ball, measuring 37mm (1.46") from face to opposite face and 40.4mm (1.59") at its widest point.

Each is comprised of about 77 grams (2.7 oz, 0.17 lbs) of 6061 aluminum, precision CNC milled and type III anodized. The shape is a pentakis dodecahedron, which has 60 faces, 90 edges, and 32 vertices.

Can I drop these on a glass coffee table or my great grandmother's mahogany dining table?

No. Please do not do that. These beauties are big, heavy hunks of solid metal designed to be used with a dice tray. Dropping them on other surfaces could damage the surface and/or the die.

We will be saddened by your loss, but we won't buy you another dining table or replace a die you damaged playing catch in a parking lot. We think that is reasonable.

I'm a certified mathlete. This is my badge. I require full knowledge of the rules that govern your numbering. You must comply!

Your documentation seems to be in order. Well played. We knew this day would come.

We submit our full and unconditional compliance: click here for the nitty gritty.