60-sided d20

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 I invented the 60-sided d20 because I wanted a giant 60-sided metal die that I could use all the time! Works just like any d20: since each number 1-20 appears on three faces, every number has a 1 in 20 chance of being rolled (3/60 = 1/20). The Flying Horseduck 60-sided d20 is solid aluminum, cool to the touch, and rolls beautifully. This metal die is more satisfying to roll than other giant d20s and is sure to be your new favorite d20!

This is a premium die that makes a great conversation piece or gift for anyone who enjoys or collects RPG dice.

This 60-sided d20 is precision milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum, hard anodized and laser marked. 

Includes premium zippered case.

Approximately 1.5" (37mm) in diameter and weighing in at 0.17 lbs (77 grams).

Numbered to use as a D20: each number 1-20 appears on three faces so it works just like any other D20! 


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