About Flying Horseduck

We are an independent designer and manufacturer of innovative dice to enhance your gaming enjoyment. No one else makes dice like ours. With every design we to bring something new to the table for gamers and collectors. 

We are obsessive about quality and our customers love our dice. Even though we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so far we have shipped thousands of dice and have never had to issue a refund to an unsatisfied customer! 


About Our Dice

Each of our dice starts as a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum and is milled by a massive 5-axis industrial CNC into a stunningly precise pentakis dodecahedron. After a light bead blast every die subjected to the most durable anodize possible - a type III hard coat anodize.

We then carefully laser mark each of the 60 faces. Our marking process bleaches the color from the surface of the die rather than etching or milling into it. This creates a permanent mark but leaves the face perfectly flat for the ultimate fair die.