d120 | Stainless Steel

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The d120 has the most faces possible on fair polyhedral die and I spent years perfecting the design of this exquisite version. I also made a free and ever-growing library of d120 lists, puzzles, and items on my r/d120Lists subreddit so you will have tons of ways to use your d120. 

At 53mm in diameter (over two inches) and tipping the scales at 1.4 pounds, this d120 is a true work of art. Each die is milled from a billet of 304 Stainless Steel by expert machinists using an industrial 5-axis CNC, ensuring exceptional quality and unrivaled durability. It is then painstakingly polished to an elegant mirror finish. The numbers are permanently laser marked, leaving the faces beautifully flat and preserving the weight balance of the die. The precision shape means it stops rolling in just 2 seconds, that's 1/4th the time as some d100s, so you can get back to playing quickly. Just be sure to use a rolling tray or you will wreck your table.

I mathematically balanced the numbering layout, so no matter how you place this unique d120, if you sum the 60 faces on the top half of the die, it will always equal 3,630. It may seem simple, but there are more ways to arrange the numbers on this die that there are atoms in the observable universe. That is not an exaggeration, in fact it is a vast understatement: 10^196 arrangements and only an estimated 10^78 to 10^82 atoms in the observable universe. Solving this layout was a tremendous undertaking that took me three years and hundreds of hours of computation time to accomplish. I consider it one of my life's proudest achievements.

Each order comes with a genuine leather or vegan suede drawstring bag for convenient storage and transportation, as well as a cleaning cloth and a wooden display stand for showcasing your prized possession. This is a masterfully crafted 120-sided die that is a rare and valuable addition to any RPG gaming setup. It is the ultimate die in a DM or GM's toolkit and the crown jewel of a dice goblin's collection!

I stand behind my product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't fully satisfied, you can return the die for a full refund, and I will pay for the return shipping. Order now and experience this epic die for yourself!