d60 Tables

A collection of miscellaneous tables that use a d60

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Dra'n's Cooking Flavors 

Credit to u/Kashi-nin on reddit


Dra'n of Barovia, Paladin/Chef Order of the Lightbringers (formerly Order of Sir Richard.)

Dra'n is a cook following less a recipe book and more a belief in himself and his intent (charisma checks for cooking.) Eventually our DM Matt wanted to add something and his food began giving an effect similar to bardic inspiration (1/day) to anyone who eats the little candies he makes. Later in the game, Dra'n was injured by noxious gasses and his sense of smell now misleads him now and again...

The in-game result of this is that each time a person eats the candies, I have to roll a d60 to determine if the flavor is a good one (21-60, inspiration) like gooseberry pie ~OR~ a bad one (1-20, no inspiration) like all-day boot sweat.

Our DM also determined that since his cooking is magical and therefor falls under the rules of something like prestidigitation, the player gets the flavor AND the other sensations of whatever is determined via the table


PDF of Dra'n's Cooking Flavors Table by u/Kashi-nin 



d60 Adaptation of Magic Items Table F

Adapted from page 146 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.


Each of the items in the original table are represented once here. This means that the more common items are underrepresented and the more rare items are overrepresented. If you are a DM who prefers neat magic items to just a +1 weapon, this chart is perfect for you!

Intellectual property and item names belong to Wizards of the Coast.


PDF of d60 Adaptation of Magic Item Table F


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