d60 Spindown Ideas

Puzzle Idea: “Flames of War”

(Girou Dirou via Youtube)

Party enters small, 30 x 50 ft stone room with a singular pedestal containing a marble handprint that acts as a button. There are heavy-looking stone doors on the other side, clearly too heavy to be pulled apart. There are also 2 marble statues of Tempus, the God of War, found next to the stone doors holding a stone sword.

The party are greater by a golden sign attached to the said pedestal reading:

“The flames of war do take their toll, so give them flesh I ask no more”

If players roll for perception (DC 15), they will notice that there is a faint smell of sulfur and burned wood flowing through the room.

Upon pressing the button, the 30 x 10 ft line closest to the door through which the party entered ignites in a strangely crimson red flames. The stone swords held by the 2 statues will also ignited, despite the fact that they are made out of stone.

Suddenly, 4 spots on the walls begin to move apart, reveling remains of what appears to be 4 undead zombie soldiers from ancient kingdom (DM can make it up).

The 4 undead soldiers will attempt to attack the party, claiming they are from the opposing army.

The flames will advance additional 5 feet every turn, making the party’s fighting space limited (if they do not want to take fire damage caused by the advancing flames).

Upon throwing the undead soldiers bodies into the red flames, they will instantly turn to ash.

Upon the flames disintegrating the undead soldiers bodies, the Tempus statues will animate, pulling the heavy stone doors apart, allowing party to advance before giving them a salute.

The 60 sided die can be used as a timer-like thing, making the party anxious of the approaching fire, since each round is 6 sec and the party has 10 rounds to act, that means that they have a total of 60 sec to finish the puzzle without being burned alive)


Tracking hoards of monsters:

(Luqas via Youtube)

The Spindown would help me keep track of monsters. I love fights with lots of monsters in my games so 40-60 Goblins at once? Easy to keep track of now.



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