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Rings of Telekinepathy

For D&D 5e, by Flying Horseduck


Platinum ring with pattern of interlocking triangles. Appears as a regular ring with no magical powers while not in use. During use the ring emits a faint shimmer.

Forged from platinum as a set, maximum of 8 rings.  Materials and skills required to craft the molds and successfully cast the rings are at the discretion of the DM and depend on the number of rings in the set that the players are attempting to cast. For the rings to have a telepathic link they must be cast simultaneously in one mold as part of the same pour.


If both a strand hair and a drop of blood from the bearer is incorporated in the molten platinum while forging and the ring is forged around the finger of a ring bearer and never removed, the bearer may attempt to absorb the essence of the ring into their body through the process of Osmosis.

To attempt Osmosis, roll a d60 and add your intelligence modifier. On a score of 55 or greater the Osmosis is successful. On a natural 1 the ring permanently loses all magical properties. A bearer may attempt Osmosis twice per day.

If successful, Osmosis grants the bearer the ability to cast Telekinesis once per long rest.



A telepathic link exists between the bearers of each of the rings in the set. When two bearers are on different planes, the link between them is permanently broken.

Each bearer can instantaneously share words, images, sounds, and other sensory messages collectively with all other bearers through the link. Each bearer must have an Intelligence score of at least 1 to understand the meaning of the words and take in the scope of any sensory messages sent to it.


Upon successful Osmosis the bearer can cast telekinesis (page 280, Player’s Handbook) once per long rest. A bearer who has not absorbed the ring by Osmosis may also attempt cast Telekinesis once per long rest. A d60 + Int roll of 50 or higher succeeds. On a roll lower than 50 the spell fails. On a natural 1 the ring explodes, dealing 1d60 damage to all within a 1d60 foot radius.



Die of Many Things

@dungeonsanddraw via Twitter


Make a custom version of the deck of many things, where you roll and a random effect happens. In world I would treat it like this amazing artifact with godlike powers to create or destroy based on the whims of the dice. 



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