d60 Puzzles & Traps

Give the player in game a D60 dice at the start of a dungeon or some similar situation. Then have them come to a side door (one that does not need to be opened to proceed through the dungeon) and have there be a number dial on the door. I think there could be 3 or more cylinders making a combination. This is a lock like some briefcase or bike locks have. Then you could use the D60 to find the combination. There would be a riddle like puzzle that you must have the D60 to find such as "I am but a lonely 8 and my true love resides on the other side of the world" (the opposite side of the 8 spot). Or "We are a loving family the 20, 7, 12, and me. Who am I?" (Find the group of numbers that are surrounded by 20, 7, and 12). This would be for a bonus treasure room. I think a good idea may be that you find the door first and then the villain has the D60 at the end of the dungeon. This may frustrate the players if they don't realize that they can't figure the combination out without some outside item. I don't think this would be that difficult, but more an "oh of course" puzzle. (Thomas Ison via Youtube)


 As a Trap idea I just came up with a room that, when you enter it releases enemies from the ceiling for example. I would roll the D60 and spawn monsters based on the result. For example if I roll a 20 I would spawn 20 enemies. But their life (or other stats) is based on the remaining to 60. So we got 40 left to 60. If you beat them you get rewarded with gold equal to your dice roll multiplied by the remainder. So the most dangerous outcome would be 30x30 so 900 gold. (Luqas via Youtube, paraphrased)



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