d60 Creatures

Clock King

Submitted via Twitter from sjrizzi (Ninja Steve)

Time moves at the whim of the Clock King in the Infinitum, his clockwork castle. Time moves differently for each adventurer in its trap and puzzle filled rooms, threatening to drive even the most resilient adventurer mad.

Whenever an adventurer enters an unexplored room in the Infinitum, they must roll a d60. The number rolled is the number of minutes the adventurer perceives as passing while in this room. Adventurers perceive the rest of their party moving at the same pace through the room and its traps and puzzles as they are.

Once per room, the Clock King can roll a d60 and assign additional minutes to one adventurer. Any adventurer that spends more than 60 minutes in a room must make a DC 15 constitution save or suffer a point of exhaustion. This stacks if an adventurer spends more than 60 minutes in multiple rooms. The Clock King can use his magic to manipulate time on the battlefield. He uses this ability to prolong his seemingly immortal life.

Three times per day, the Clock King can force and adventurer to make a DC 18 wisdom save. On a failed save, the adventurer ages 2d60 years, and the Clock King retains that many HP. On a successful save, it is only 1d60. If this would age the adventurer past the average lifespan of their species, the adventurer is killed.

All aging, including any that causes an adventurer to die, is immediately reversed upon the Clock King’s defeat. If the Clock King is defeated, his body withers and fades away as all his stolen time is lost. He leaves behind a single, ornate clock with unknown magical abilities.


A warlock of many demons:

@TumbleweedDice via Twitter, paraphrased

A warlock with the opportunity to roll on a table of a ton of different demons. His whole vibe is he has a ton of patrons so roll a d60 to choose which one to invoke. 


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