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We offer a 10% commission affiliate program.


It's Super Easy.

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When someone clicks through your link and contributes to the Kickstarter, you get a 10% commission. Simple! Just don't be spammy. 

The Commissions Add Up!

Each single die purchased through your link will earn you about $5 and each full set earns about $25 commission (slightly less if purchased with early bird pricing).  We wanted to make sure there was worthwhile compensation for anyone who chose to partner with us.

We Support Local Game Stores

Physical game stores are a critical part of the gaming community. In addition to the 10% commission, we will match your commission with store credit for free product. In order to be eligible you must complete our verification process - contact us after the campaign ends.

The Product is Awesome.

These are a new kind of dice.  Big 60-sided dice you can use in any game! Precision machined aluminum dice that look great, feel amazing, and most importantly roll and stop wonderfully.  

Top shelf quality packaging, including a faux suede drawstring bag for single dice and an elegant case with high density foam interior for the set.  

We Know What We Are Doing.

We have invested heavily in tooling and samples to ensure quality and timely delivery.  We set a realistic delivery timeline and have a full refund policy within 30 days of delivery to ensure all of our customers end up happy. 

100% Free. Trusted Platform. No Risk. 

 All fees are paid by us so it is free to use for you. Kickbooster is a trusted platform with over thirty thousand active boosters. You also can find many other campaigns to promote as well if you wish.  

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